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This back injury prevention course is for the general public, students and employees who are required to lift as part of their life routine or job duties. This course is important for anyone who might suffer from back strain or discomfort as a result of their day to day activities. Click on the large Back Injury Prevention graphic below to start viewing lesson slides at your own pace. Note: Some slides may have additional information posted below them. Check for applicable hotlinks for back-up information and reference material.


This course discusses and demonstrates proper lifting techniques and basic biomechanics and provides practical information to minimize risk factors associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and potential sprain/strain injury. Note that this course is a great review for anybody, whether currently in situations where they must use their back or not. Take this free course and end up saving your back.

The back injury prevention course is intended to provide students and employees with valuable information about the following:

  • —Basic back anatomy

  • —Common causes of back injuries

  • —Methods to prevent back injuries

  • —Back Anatomy

The first section of the back injury prevention course covers the —leading causes of back injuries. Numerous pictures are included to create a visual representation for the student. The following causes of back injuries and distress are illustrated:

  • —Poor posture

  • —Poor physical condition

  • —Improper body mechanics

  • —Incorrect lifting

  • —Repetitive motions/ static positions

  • —Proper Posture—

—Physical condition and weight of a person is discussed, including methods and techniques to physically move objects safely from one location to another. —Stress management is also brought up, as tension leads back to muscles, causing them to become tense as well.

The following section covers lifting, and carrying using proper techniques. Other recommendations are presented such as using mechanical devices whenever possible. This section covers proper sitting, lifting, and standing. Improper reaching and stretchin are covered as well.

The ‘—Safe Lifting Zone’ is examined within the back injury prevention course.

The course also includes various ‘—What’s Wrong With This Picture?’ illustrations. —Solutions are presented after each example.