Org summary



Compass Wellness Alliance! is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2016 to find, create, and support programs that embrace education, health, and quality living

The organization seeks to fill the enormous void currently found in the wellness industry.



A future where health, opportunities, and possibilities are distributed in a way that builds a better world, community by community.



The Compass Wellness Alliance mission is to find, create, and support programs that embrace health and quality living.

Compass Wellness Alliance seeks to provide education to the general public regarding wellness, health and fitness, while being dedicated to educating the general public for community impact. We also strive to advance, foster and promote the knowledge, scientific research and education in minimally invasive spine for the benefit of patients, medical professionals and the public. 

Our goal is to provide a wide variety of free medical assistance (ie, spine surgery and donated screwless implants) while supporting preventative medicine to those in need on a global basis. 

We endeavor to establish a nexus where doctors and surgeons ‘physicians’ come together to develop better, less intrusive healthcare procedures... and a platform for a society to collaborate, making in changing the complex, simple.

The Compass Wellness Alliance promotes advancement in minimally invasive spine surgery treatments and techniques through collaboration, research and education, and the promotion of new techniques and ideas, while shaping a better future for spine patients, physicians, and hospitals nationally and internationally.

SLIF Society will provide interdisciplinary meetings to present, discuss and disseminate research, focusing on clinical and translational research, peer-to-peer education, and advocacy initiatives. 



Smart Content – We are committed to creating and hosting content that assists prospective patients in making correct choices by taking the complex, and making it simple.

Volunteerism – We engage in and offer opportunity for others in and outside the medical community to serve beyond themselves.

Free – Our medical devices and services will always be provided free of charge. We seek to identify and remove all monetary restrictions that impede access to quality medical care.

Sustainable – We design all features, offerings, and services to be sustainable.






Compass Wellness Alliance is governed by a board of directors who are committed to the greater good. We embrace integrity in our security transactions, real estate, commercial and financial issues, which the Board deems necessary, useful or appropriate for the attainment of the Alliance’s social purpose.







Raise awareness among health professionals and the general public.

Conduct clinical and experimental research directly or through universities, research institutions and / or other Alliances that work directly on these types of research. Objective: Complete 3 clinical research studies by the 1/1/2017

Promote collaboration, data sharing, registry, and multi-center research projects between organizations concerned with spinal treatment.

Conduct studies on the processes of treatment of aging, pediatric, trauma and other spine conditions. Objective: Conduct 1 study by 3/1/2017. Outcome: Submit study for peer review and global collaboration.

Test and develop new technologies to promote less invasive, more natural treatment of spinal conditions through use of instrumentation, new technology and biologics. Objective: Develop 2 significant contributions by 6/1/2017. Outcome: Apply new technology and assist 3000 spinal pain sufferers.

Experiment with bio- materials and new technologies for the treatment of spinal condition.

Spread the use of surgical techniques: minimally-invasive surgery in less technologically advanced countries through seminars, conferences, publications and refresher courses for young doctors. 

Drive educational programs for hands-on cadaveric experience, live surgery observations and webinars, grand rounds, round table discussions, and topical dinners. 

To organize and promote training (fellowship) for doctors and researchers to be included in research projects of the Compass Alliance and facilitate their start in the world of scientific research.

Participate in meetings and conferences, including in international level, and promote networking and collaboration between research groups in Europe and abroad, facilitating exchange of scientific information. Outcome: Share data with a target of 350 spinal surgeons by 1/1/2018

Provides grants to enable doctors, therapists, nurses, managers and other health professional to travel to centers of excellence and learn or teach new skills. Outcome: Establish a base of core users that organically promote new medical skills.

Organize seminars and conferences on subjects of interest of the SLIF Society.

Conduct advocacy on behalf of both patients and surgeons for improved and less invasive disruptive treatments through compilation of clinical data that point to better patient outcomes and shorter hospital stays.